TestFlight Information

This page contains information for those that are running the pre-release version of Coffee Companion. If you want to be added to TestFlight, please click here.

What do you do if there is an issue?

If you find an issue in the app, please log it either on GitHub or through the app by taking a screenshot and hitting Submit Feedback from the menu.

I have a feature request, how do I submit it?

If you have a feature request, also log it on GitHub! I’ll be able to determine priority, get it labeled currectly, and get it added to the Trello board. I love new ideas and suggestions, so please make sure to get them logged.

Beta Releases

This table explains each of the beta releases.

Version Build What to Test Is Release Candidate?
0.1.0 3 Added: CloudKit to sync data in iCloud, larger timer button, and brew notes! ❌ No
0.1.0 2 Added: The ability to add brew methods & Change the title of brew methods fixed 2 issues relating to calculations and how the ratio is presented. ❌ No
0.1.0 1 Everything! This is the first beta build. You can tap on Coffee Ground to change the amount and Edit to change other parts of the app. Report issues on GitHub or through testflight ❌ No